Hi, I’m ainhoa

I am a psychologist and a coach and I use all the resources that I have learnt during my training and also from my personal experience, to help my customers be able to enjoy life again without stress and anxiety. The goal? Reaching your personal balance. How? Through coaching, Mindfulness, courses, posts, videos …

Coaching creates the space and the time that you need to find your personal balance. Mindfulness will help you develop the skills that will make you reach this balance.
  • We have all been born with multiple talents and we must make the most of them.
  • Perseverance is the key to achieving results.
  • We all have the right to live life “in our own way” and feel proud of it.
  • Punishment is not the solution to our mistakes. If we err, we can correct our mistakes.
  • Magic formulas that promise infallible success in 15 days.
  • Statements such as “this is all you can aspire to”. In fact, they make me shiver.
  • Instant success.
  • To be just one more of the bunch… You have to live life fully, your way.
  • To complain about something or someone without doing anything to change it. This does not solve anything.
  • To be convinced that the shape of our body defines our value as a human being.
  • I get up very early in the morning. I love it because, among other things, it is the only way to enjoy a quiet time alone in a house full of children.
  • I Meditate half an hour from Monday to Friday.
  • I Run or exercise on my elliptical bike.
  • I Organize my time very carefully: afternoons and weekends, are dedicated to my family. The rest of the time is for my clients.
  • I am constantly Learning new things. From economy, psychology and mindfulness to cooking. Whatever comes my way!
  • I Support NGOs and social enterprises by coaching the people who work in them. I am proud to be part of the Kairos project.

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I graduated in Economics. I also have a degree in International Trade and a Master in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

I have worked for Multinational companies, national companies, small (and very small) business and I have also had my own company. In between all this. I also worked for the Government. These different experiences have given me a broad vision of the business world … and also led me to develop a I high stress level.

So, as I needed to lower my stress level, I started practicing Mindfulness almost 10 years ago. I found a fantastic tool that helped me be emotionally and mentally grounded and that opened a new perspective on things. After some I time I graduated in the Newfield Coaching School and started working as a business coach using mindfulness as one of my very important tools. Meanwhile I also got an ICF certification.

I kept on learning about the human mind and emotions and graduated in Psychology and obtained a master in Third Generation Therapies.

All along, the concept of Mindfulness kept on calling me.

During a Mindfulness retreat, one of my teachers, Fernando Torrijos, told me that a very interesting book had been published, linking Mindfulness and Conscious Eating: Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship by Food Jan Chozen Bays.

Unknowingly at the time, that conversation and that book were to be the “cause” of the many “effects” that followed in my life.

I started training as a Mindful Eating teacher and also as an MBSR Teacher. Today I keep on learning different things that can help me develop a better practice. If you ask my husband, he will tell you that learning is my hobby. I will let you know what my next move is.

The different people I work with have one thing in common: a high anxiety level. We work together to find a way to manage stress and use it to their own Benefit.

Do you want to find out if coaching is the right approach for you?

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Te acercas a las personas en el punto donde están, sin forzarlo. Parece que te sumerges en la otra persona para sentir lo que necesita. Nunca das consejos, acompañas a la persona a la persona en su camino.

Transmites mucha tranquilidad y sueles acertar en lo que dices, aunque no es siempre es lo que uno quiere oír.

GUDRUN PELZ, maestra chocolatera (Alemania)

Soy coach certificada por:

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